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Professor Mohammed Muhtaseb – over 27 years of dedicated expertise in cataract and vision care.

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Why choose Mohammed Muhtaseb?

Outstanding Safety Record

His overall Poster Capsule Rupture (PCR) rate since March 2019 is <0.25% compared to the national average of 0.79%. for consultant eye surgeons.

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Decades Of Cataract Experience

While patient safety is a priority for all healthcare providers, Prof Muhtaseb made a major contribution to improving the safety of cataract surgery when he developed and published the first peer-reviewed cataract risk stratification system in 2004.


Cataract Surgery

Personalised, High Quality Care

Prof Muhtaseb has extensive expertise in cataract and lens implant surgery, especially premium lens technology such as multifocal, toric and piggyback lenses. Truly understanding every patient’s needs and requirements is the foundation of the care each patient receives from Prof Muhtaseb.


Safe & Evidence Based

Prof. Muhtaseb is a key opinion leader for industry and originator of the CLEARLog idea. It is an app that allows Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) surgeons to quickly and efficiently record and analyze their cataract practice patterns and clinical outcomes.

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Book a consultation

Prof. Mohammed Muhtaseb is a highly-skilled surgeon and a globally recognised expert in the field. He will personally see you before treatment to ensure you’re a good candidate and he will answer all your questions.


Bespoke treatment plan

After the initial assessment, Prof. Muhtaseb will discuss different types of lenses and go through the costs of a personalised treatment plan, so that you can decide on the best option for your surgery. You will also receive a written summary of the discussion in form of an easy-to-read booklet.


Surgery conducted in hospital

Currently, Prof. Muhtaseb carries out surgeries in three hospitals: in Swansea (Sancta Maria Hospital), Cardiff (Nuffield Health) and Newport (St Joseph’s Hospital).


Aftercare support

All patients get post-operative eye drops and an Aftercare Guide which answers frequently asked questions. There is also a post operation check up and all patients can contact Prof. Muhtaseb directly too.


Hear from our patients

“I can’t speak highly enough of (Prof Muhtaseb). Nothing was too much trouble, you could phone anytime, day or night. I wish I had done it when I first started wearing reading glasses and just gone to Prof Muhtaseb then and got it done. I would do it all over again, but do it much faster.”

Martin Harris
Cataract Surgery & Keratoconus Treatment

“I would like to thank you for operating to remove my cataracts in both my eyes. It is the first time in my life that I’m able to see without glasses or contact lenses. I’ve been short-sighted since I was a child when I used to sit at the front of the class in school to see the blackboard. Once again thank you, I’m so grateful to you.”

Mrs A
Cataract Surgery

“I am just sending you this message to say that my optician seemed amazed at how well I am able to see and was very happy with everything. Thank you so much. I am really thrilled!”

Mrs E
Cataract Surgery

“I was given a choice of lenses and detailed information before making my decision. I am now able to drive and read without glasses. It was entirely painless and the care I received before and after the procedures was excellent.”

Mrs BR
Cataract Surgery & Keratoconus Treatment

“Today I walked into work, enjoying seeing birds (I hadn’t realised how few I’d been seeing). The cloud to my left eye has gone, and I have been able to read, type, teach without needing my glasses once.”

Mrs C
Cataract surgery with multifocal lens implant

I was naturally apprehensive about having cataract surgery, but I needn’t have worried. Prof Muhtaseb is friendly, reassuring and professional and explains all the processes and procedures very clearly making it a trouble free and easy process. The difference in my eyesight after having the surgery is incredible and it made me realise just how bad it was before! My recommendation would be to go ahead – you won’t regret it.

Mrs LS
Cataract surgery

You’re in safe hands

Prof Mohammed Muhtaseb, FRCOphth
Consultant Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon

Based in South Wales, he is one of the very few ophthalmologists working in the UK who is a fellowship-trained specialist in Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery. He holds full specialist registration with the General Medical Council and was appointed as a Consultant in the NHS in 2006.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having your cataract procedure done privately instead of the NHS?

If you have cataract surgery with the NHS, you will usually be offered monofocal lenses, which have a single point of focus. This means the lens will be fixed for either near or distance vision, but not both.

When a patient elects to pay for private cataract surgery they are ensuring that certain variable factors are brought within their control:

  • Eliminate waiting lists – arrange your consultation and surgery at your convenience and get your life back sooner.
  • Get tailored treatment designed to achieve your goals – Prof Muhtaseb is one of a sub-group of surgeons that use the latest premium lens implants that can help provide a range of vision without glasses and achieve your desired outcomes.
  • You determine the surgeon that performs your surgery – consultant led care delivered personally by Prof Mohammed Muhtaseb. All surgery is performed by Prof Muhtaseb and no training of junior doctors takes place.
  • You determine when you have your surgery – timing of surgery is flexible, and we work to accommodate your schedule
  • Recover faster and get your life back sooner – Prof Muhtaseb performs microincision surgery, with faster recovery and return to normal life
  • Enjoy the ability to read without glasses after surgery – Prof Muhtaseb offers increased range of focus lens implants and multifocal lens implants. These provide greater middle distance and reading vision without the need for glasses after surgery
  • Collaborative care, working with the other professionals that look after you – close communication with your GP, optometrist, and any other clinician involved in your medical care. This ensures optimal preparation for your surgery, as well as personalised aftercare throughout your post-operative recovery.
  • Our care doesn’t stop when you leave the Hospital – closely supervised aftercare, working with your optometrist and GP
  • Direct access to us whenever you want or need it – direct telephone and e-mail access to the practice co-ordinator (avoiding the need to go through hospital switchboards)


How much does cataract surgery cost?

Refractive cataract surgery cost starts from £3,286 per eye. This includes hospital and surgeon fees, aftercare and lens implants. The price is for a standard monofocal non-toric lens implant; the price increases for premium lens implants such as enhanced, toric, and multifocal toric lens implant surgery. Prof. Muhtaseb can recommend a specific lens once he carries out an initial assessment and finds out more about patients’ needs and expectations.

When is the right time to have a cataract removed?

A cataract does not need to be “ripe” or “ready” for surgery, as some people may think.

Cataract surgery is appropriate for anyone that has symptoms of cataract, has discussed the benefits and risks of cataract removal with their surgeon, and feels that treatment is the right decision for them.

This decision is very individual as symptoms that are felt to be minor by one person may be extremely troublesome to another person. This is the reason that a detailed discussion with an experienced surgeon is an essential step in deciding whether or not to proceed with surgery.

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