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What you need to know about getting SML Scharioth Macula Lens surgery in Wales

Revive your vision

Your eye condition meant that you suffered with central vision loss. You likely required low vision aids to see up close and experienced symptoms such as blurred and distorted vision.

After SML Scharioth Macula Lens surgery, your central vision is greatly improved and you have maintained both your peripheral and distance vision. You no longer heavily depend on low vision aid devices to read.

Feel happy

You feel a huge sense of relief. The prospect of not being able to see your loved ones faces clearly again was heartbreaking. With your new vision, you can smile with them.

Feel happy

You feel a huge sense of relief. The prospect of not being able to see your loved ones faces clearly again was heartbreaking. With your new vision, you can smile with them.

Reclaim convenience

You no longer have to carry around those cumbersome low vision aids. You can read a menu, your favourite book or a birthday card without having to bring out those awful magnifying devices first.

Reclaim convenience

You no longer have to carry around those cumbersome low vision aids. You can read a menu, your favourite book or a birthday card without having to bring out those awful magnifying devices first.

Enjoy life with SML

No one should have to put-up with poor, patchy vision. SML surgery has renewed your vision and now you can really start to appreciate it. This is your time to enjoy life with the people you love.

Enjoy life with SML

No one should have to put up with poor, patchy vision.

SML surgery has renewed your vision and now you can really start to appreciate it. This is your time to enjoy life with the people you love.


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If you can see yourself below, then we can help you

You’re over 45 and would love to read again without glasses

Unfortunately, reading glasses or varifocals get in the way of many of the things you most enjoy. Yes, spectacles help, but they are annoying little appendages that you lose or must clean to see clearly.

If you feel annoyed, anxious and limited by reading glasses or varifocal spectacles, we can help. Don’t let your favourite hobbies become tiring chores.

Be free from reading specs for good. Experience the liberation from squinting and headaches that you might have already begun to accept as part of life.

Instead, look forward to enjoying everything that your vision has to offer. Whether you enjoy reading, gardening, or the great outdoors, everything looks better when your eyes see as young as you feel.

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Your vision is yellowing, duller, and cataracts are forming. You feel like your eyes are letting you down

The effect on your life can vary from being slightly frustrating, through to significantly affecting your ability to function independently, or even causing a devastating reduction in vision.

Before you developed cataracts, you were living a full life. You may enjoy the outdoors, have indoor hobbies or enjoy travelling. Or, perhaps you have finished working and are now taking the time to enjoy everything you may have missed when you were busy making a living.

Sadly, your eyes now dull the shine of life’s beautiful landscape. The trees, the flowers and even the sky don’t seem as bright as they used to look.

Get your life back without the compromise. Experience what life used to look like. Even better, if you’ve worn glasses or contact lenses, discover the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that modern cataract surgery affords.


We treat patients from all across Wales

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for the laser surgery you performed to improve my eyesight. It really has improved the quality of my life and I feel like a new person.” ★★★★★
R M, Refractive Surgery
"I was given a choice of lenses and detailed information before making my decision. I am now able to drive and read without glasses. It was entirely painless and the care I received before and after the procedures was excellent.” ★★★★★
Mrs. B R, Intraocular Lens
“I was very impressed with the preop eye assessment and the consultation by Mr Muhtaseb explaining the options properly, sensibly and in detail focusing on my individual situation. Surgery (PRK) went well, and the results are excellent.” ★★★★★
Dr. C E, Laser Refractive Surgery
“My vision is really clear. I easily read the Sunday paper without glasses the day after my surgery.” ★★★★★
M B, Lens Exchange
“Today I walked into work, enjoying seeing birds (I hadn't realised how few I'd been seeing). The cloud to my left eye has gone, and I have been able to read, type, teach without needing my glasses once.” ★★★★★
Mrs. C, Cataract surgery with multifocal lens implant
“Thank you so much for your kind and attentive care of my eyesight. Wonderful work! It is now a treat to have good binocular sight again!” ★★★★★
Dr. C, Cataract surgery
“I am just sending you this message to say that my optician seemed amazed at how well I am able to see and was very happy with everything. Thank you so much. I am really thrilled!” ★★★★★
Mrs. E, Cataract surgery
“Mr T. called and asked me to pass a message to yourself stating that he had a marvellous experience with his visit and wanted to thank you very much for your time this morning. He said you were a proper gentleman and that he thought very highly of you.” ★★★★★
Mr T’s hospital secretary, Cataract surgery
“A very grateful thank you to you and your team for the operations that have enhanced my sight so much. It is a wonderful feeling to have my confidence back both in walking and driving” ★★★★★
Mrs. F L, Cornea
“Many thanks to ‘The No. 1 Medic'." ★★★★★
Dr. A E, Intraocular Lens
“Thank you so much, you’ve changed my life forever.” ★★★★★
“Mr Mutaseb and his team were very professional , friendly and reassuring and held a no hassle policy on having to follow through with any procedure for laser correction. The procedure could not have run smoother and the after care was excellent." ★★★★★
“I’m absolutely delighted with the vision in my eye following cataract surgery. The only problem is that I can no longer hit the golf ball out of sight!" ★★★★★
Dr. R, Cataract surgery
“Thank you for fixing my left eye." ★★★★★
Mr. I, Cataract surgery
“Thank you so much for the care and attention you gave me during my cataract operation. Much appreciated. You are the best. Thank you." ★★★★★
Mrs. W, Cataract surgery
“Thank you for the care, help and being wonderful." ★★★★★
Mrs. W, Cataract surgery
“I am very happy with Mr Muhtaseb’s professional, detailed and careful approach to my surgery. I have had successful surgery and am very happy with the result. This has been a life changing surgery for me." ★★★★★
Professor H J, Refractive Surgery
“Thank you for all that you have done. I would not have gone through it without the complete trust I have in you. Thanks again.” ★★★★★
Mrs. S G, Multifocal Intraocular Lens
“It’s fantastic. I feel like a new person.” ★★★★★
D R, Refractive Lens Exchange
“Thank you for taking such good care of me during my LASIK surgery – I was terrified! I am so pleased with the outcome, which was pretty much instant – it has made such a difference to my life not having to wear glasses all the time." ★★★★★
“I would like to thank you for operating to remove my cataracts in both my eyes. It is the first time in my life that I'm able to see without glasses or contact lenses. I've been short-sighted since I was a child when I used to sit at the front of the class in school to see the blackboard. Once again thank you, I'm so grateful to you." ★★★★★
Mrs. W, Cataract surgery
“I reviewed Mrs A in my clinic today, where she tells me she is extremely grateful to you for her recent right cataract surgery. She is absolutely delighted with the result, although very disappointed that she is now able to see the wrinkles in the mirror!" ★★★★★
Mrs A’s referring doctor , Cataract surgery
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your surgical staff for making my life so much better after my two cataract operations. It has meant a massive change to my life, both physically and mentally. It is literally like a massive cloud has been lifted from my life and taken me back years." ★★★★★
Mr. B, Cataract surgery
“Many thanks to you and your team for all the kindness, care and expertise shown to me when having my cataracts removed. It is lovely to have a new lease of life.” ★★★★★
Mrs. R B, Cataracts
“I can’t thank you enough for the gift your ability as a surgeon has given me. I am like a child with a wonderful new toy. I can see the world anew." ★★★★★
Mrs. A D, Refractive Lens Exchange
“I’m amazed at how much I can see.” ★★★★★
C H, Multifocal Lens
“I made my highest break in years last week. It was 137!" ★★★★★
Anonymous, Multifocal Piggyback Lens
“Thank you for the amazing operations - they have made a wonderful difference. I enjoy seeing the world so well!" ★★★★★
Mrs. S, Cataract surgery
“Thank you for your time and patience. I haven’t that much care [afforded] to me, and you have a wonderful team around you. Once again, big thank you." ★★★★★
Mr. D, Cataract surgery
“I would like to thank you for the cataract surgery to both my eyes, which for me have been life-changing. From being barely legal to drive even with glasses, not being able to recognise faces while out walking and not being able to see the racing marks while out sailing, I have been able to consign those to history." ★★★★★
Mr. A, Cataract surgery
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In these toggles we explain what you need to know about scharioth macula lens

The Scharioth Macular Lens (SML) may benefit patients suffering with central vision loss, such as those with:

  • Macular disorders such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Myopic degeneration
  • Inherited dystrophies
  • Medication-related side effects

In these cases, reading can be a significant problem and many patients require low vision aids to see up close. These can be inconvenient and cumbersome to use, especially out of the house. The SML can offer improved reading ability for patients in this position.


If a cataract is present you should consider having a cataract operation in the first instance and discuss this with your consultant. Thereafter, any persistent difficulty with reading may be improved with the SML implanted lens.

Potential candidates undergo a screening examination to determine suitability for the SML.

The Scharioth Macular Lens (SML) is a piggyback lens that can improve reading vision and reduce the need to use magnifiers and other low vision aid devices.

The SML magnifies the normal parts of vision without magnifying the damaged parts of the retina, thus enabling improved reading ability.

The SML has the great advantage of not restricting the visual field.

Other magnifying lens implants constrict the visual field so the patient cannot see as far to the side as before. This means they need to turn their head from side to side to see properly.

The SML only magnifies the central vision and so maintains the side-to-side vision as well as the distance vision.

There are no specific risks associated with the magnifying aspect of the SML.

The general risks are small and similar to those of any primary or piggyback lens implant surgery.

The alternative to the SML implant is to continue with low vision aids such as magnifying glasses, telescopic attachments to glasses, and so on.

The SML provides an option for improving reading vision without fully relying on these aids.

The results of SML surgery are excellent.

Only patients that are deemed likely to benefit are offered surgery and the great majority of those patients achieve the expected benefit in vision from the SML.

Patients will form queues for post-COVID cataract surgery. You can make progress towards clear vision (and beat the queue for surgery) by having your first appointment from the safety of your home

Meet online or over the phone with our surgeon, Prof Muhtaseb, and get a clear answer about all of your cataract surgery options (including the little known possibility of fixing your reading and/or distance vision at the same as you fix your cataracts). Critically, after your video or telephone appointment, you will have the opportunity to secure your spot on the waiting list once our clinic re-opens. Click the button below now to book your video or telephone appointment…


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