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Play an active role in your patients’ pre and post operative care and benefit from exclusive training with Professor Muhtaseb.

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What are the benefits of Joint Care Scheme?

Better for your patients & for you

Improved patient experience & care

Our programs, like the Shared Care Scheme and Cataract Club, foster professional growth and collaborative care. We prioritize innovation and direct support to enhance patient outcomes, offering superior surgical results, reduced complication rates, and streamlined communication. This approach not only improves patient care but also enriches our close bond with the optometry community, making iLase a leader in eye care excellence.

Smoother referrals & reporting

It could not be easier, faster, or more convenient to send us referrals and post-op reports. Simply use the upload or drag-and-drop function on this website for a seamless experience. This efficient system speeds up consultations and bookings, improving care coordination and report quality. Our streamlined process makes it easier for optometrists to deliver excellent care effortlessly.
We also accept other communication tools like Egress emails, CAPTIV8 Connect, letters in the post, phone calls, and we even have a fax machine!

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Expert ophthalmologist support & training

Professor Muhtaseb provides unmatched consultant support and training, granting optometrists direct access to his expert knowledge, and the latest developments in cataract and refractive surgery. He runs a lecture program, interactive CPD point workshops, Cataract Club membership and Independent Prescribing CPD. This dedication to professional education aims to support our colleagues in community optometry to provide the best possible patient care.

Why Choose Us?

5 reasons that optometrists like to work with us

iLase Shared Care Scheme

Optometrists can join this scheme to collaborate closely in post-operative patient care, benefiting from shared information, professional guidance as needed, priority invitations to our CPD events, and support resources provided by Prof Muhtaseb.

Cataract Club Membership

Prof Muhtaseb offers free membership to his unique Cataract Club. The Cataract Club as invitation-only program of 1-hour workshops for optometrists that provide 3 interactive CPD points and discuss all aspects of cataract care. This starts at the first consultation with the optometrist, through the consultant visit, co-morbidity, special considerations, biometry and surgical planning, counselling and consent, surgery and its challenges or complications, post-operative care and its challenges or complications, through to final discharge.

Data-Driven Practice Improvement

Prof Muhtaseb understands the value of technology and data in driving improvements in patient care. To this end he developed CLEARlog, a software and App that is used by surgeons around to the world to track their surgical safety and quality in order to drive improvements in standard of care.

Direct Access to Consultants

Prof Muhtaseb encourages direct communication with himself for any professional advice or queries, ensuring timely and personal responses to inquiries. Call him directly or send a message or email.

Ease of Communication

Prof Muhtaseb ensures effortless communication through this website’s referral upload function, prioritizing convenience and GDPR compliance for busy optometrists. Other methods such as Egress or CAPTIV8 Connect are still available along with traditional emails, letters, and phone calls.

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An equal partnership

We value our equal partnership and collaborate with you to improve patient care, starting from when you refer a patient to us. You’re involved in key pre- and post-op assessments, and we quickly update you post-visit about the patient’s surgical plan, lens choice, target refraction, and other essential care details. We appreciate your trust in Prof Muhtaseb and your crucial role in patient care. Our shared care scheme aims to enhance patient outcomes and strengthen our professional community. Contact us to learn more about how we can achieve excellence in eye care together.

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Join the Cataract Club

I offer CPD workshops and run Cataract Clubs in South Wales, focusing on cataract surgery. These monthly 1-hour sessions offer 3 interactive CPD points, are free to join, and allow members to suggest topics, discuss cases, and stay current on cataract practices. Prof Muhtaseb shares his expertise, including surgical techniques and personal experiences from a 27-year career, aiming to exceed national benchmarks. The Cataract Club’s goal is to enhance knowledge, enjoy the learning process, and improve patient care.

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Why Choose Us?

5 reasons why iLase is better for your patients

Lower Complication Rates

Prof Muhtaseb is pleased to report a personal rate of Posterior Capsule Rupture (PCR) which is significantly lower than the national average for consultants, reflecting high standard of surgical safety in his practice.

Superior Refractive Outcomes

Prof Muhtaseb achieves higher success rates in refractive outcomes compared to national averages, thanks to advanced surgical techniques and precise biometry calculations, enhancing patient satisfaction with their vision post-surgery.

Convenience for Patients

Upon referral, the iLase team promptly contacts patients for consultations or surgery bookings. We facilitate direct communication and efficient coordination with optometrists and anyone else involved in the patient’s clinical care in order to provide optimal care. Examples include where patients take immunosuppressant medication in cycles, long-term prophylactic antibiotics, unstable blood sugar levels, and many other situations.

Executive Car Service on Surgery Day

To enhance patient comfort, iLase offers an executive car service for convenient transportation to and from the surgery centre, subject to terms and conditions.

Comprehensive Patient Consultations

Patients receive detailed consultations covering all aspects of their treatment options, outcomes, and risks, with an emphasis on informed decision-making. Prof Muhtaseb will arrange further tests whenever this would improve the patient’s outcome, and information is always provided on the basis of being data-driven and evidence based.

The Professor in action

100+ Papers & Lectures presented worldwide

Middle East Conference in Dubai 2023

At the prestigious Evolving Practice in Ophthalmology Middle East Conference (EPOMEC) in Dubai, renowned for attracting the region’s top ophthalmologists, Professor Muhtaseb was a standout speaker. He shared his esteemed expertise in refractive cataract and lens exchange surgeries, specifically focusing on multifocal lens implants. His presentation targeted consultant ophthalmic surgeons keen on integrating or enhancing multifocal lenses in their practices, facilitating an exchange of insights and successful strategies that was met with enthusiastic engagement from the audience.

Optometry Wales CPD event 2023

As a regular provider of quality CPD to optometrists, Prof Muhtaseb was pleased to accept and invitation to deliver a presentation at an education day for optometrists in SW Wales in June 2023. The subject was identification of risk factors for complications in cataract surgery, mitigation of these risks, and patient counselling.


Professor Muhtaseb presented his results of the Gemetric multifocal lens implant from HOYA Surgical Optics, as well as the CLEARlog software he developed at several conferences in 2022. They included the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and the UK and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.
Prof Muhtaseb is a regular contributor at National and International conferences where he presents his own results with premium lens implants, clinical research projects, interesting cases, surgical videos, and expert opinion in round table discussions.

Years of experience
Cataract operations
Patient-centred care
Papers & lectures

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