Corneal conditions

Corneal scars and swelling

Corneal condition - what is it?

The inner layer of cells in the cornea is called the Endothelium. These cells are important because they prevent fluid from accumulating in the cornea. However, they are sometimes not able to perform this function properly.

When this happens, the natural water of the eye seeps into the cornea causing it to swell and leads to symptoms such as glare from lights and blurred vision.

This problem may occur due to a condition called Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy, which can be due to genetics in some cases but usually occurs as a result of growing older.

Cataract surgery can also cause the cornea to swell with fluid, which takes a long time to clear or may sometimes fail to clear. This can occur if the cataract removed was very dense, if the surgery was prolonged, or if the eye had changes of Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy initially.


Corneal conditions diagnosis and examination process

Prof Muhtaseb will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes, and explain in detail all the risks and benefits of this surgery.

You will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

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Corneal conditions treatments

The treatment for this problem is a type of corneal transplant operation in which the endothelial cells are removed and replaced using donor cells. This is a partial layer corneal transplant operation and is much better than the full thickness transplant that used to be performed up until a few years ago.

If you have Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy and a cataract, then Prof Muhtaseb can perform a combined operation to remove your cataract and complete the endothelial transplant in a single procedure.

Corneal conditions FAQs

How urgently should I think about having surgery to treat the corneal swelling?

This depends on:

  • The degree of the swelling
  • What is causing it
  • The duration you have had the problem
  • The effect it is having on your vision

If you have mild swelling that is not causing much trouble with the vision, we can observe this over time in the clinic. If the swelling is severe and your vision is greatly reduced, we will need to discuss the risks and benefits of surgery.

My optician says I have a cataract, but there are also changes in the cornea that may get worse if I have the cataract operation. What should I do?

I recommend coming in for an examination and detailed discussion with Prof Mohammed Muhtaseb. He will be able to take you through the pros and cons of every option, whether that is deferring or going ahead with cataract surgery.

It can be possible to perform cataract surgery and achieve a good degree of improved vision even when other corneal changes are present.

It is also possible to combine the cataract operation with the corneal transplant operation if it is clear that both surgeries are required.

A detailed discussion with Prof Muhtaseb will highlight all the issues that need to be considered.

Who might need our corneal condition treatment?

You’re over 45 and would love to read again without glasses

Unfortunately, reading glasses or varifocals get in the way of many of the things you most enjoy. Yes, spectacles help, but they are annoying little appendages that you lose or must clean to see clearly.

If you feel annoyed, anxious and limited by reading glasses or varifocal spectacles, we can help. Don’t let your favourite hobbies become tiring chores.

Be free from reading specs for good. Experience the liberation from squinting and headaches that you might have already begun to accept as part of life.

Instead, look forward to enjoying everything that your vision has to offer. Whether you enjoy reading, gardening, or the great outdoors, everything looks better when your eyes see as young as you feel.

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Your vision is yellowing, duller, and cataracts are forming. You feel like your eyes are letting you down

The effect on your life can vary from being slightly frustrating, through to significantly affecting your ability to function independently, or even causing a devastating reduction in vision.

Before you developed cataracts, you were living a full life. You may enjoy the outdoors, have indoor hobbies or enjoy travelling. Or, perhaps you have finished working and are now taking the time to enjoy everything you may have missed when you were busy making a living.

Sadly, your eyes now dull the shine of life’s beautiful landscape. The trees, the flowers and even the sky don’t seem as bright as they used to look.

Get your life back without the compromise. Experience what life used to look like. Even better, if you’ve worn glasses or contact lenses, discover the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that modern cataract surgery affords.


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Hear from our patients

With over 6300+ surgeries performed hear from just a few of my happy patients.

It’s been incredibly liberating to wake up in the morning and be able to see without reaching for my glasses.


I can go any anywhere and see anything near and far. I can see now as well as I could when I was 18 years of age which is incredible and I’m looking forward to clear vision for the rest of my life.

Kevin Taylor

“No. 1 – My advice would be do it. No. 2 – See Mohammed if you can. I made the decision to not go down the NHS route because I wanted to see the best consultant – probably in the UK… It was absolutely worth it… because you can’t really put a price on your sight.”

Martin Harris
Cataract Surgery & Keratoconus Treatment

“I don’t wear glasses at all now. I don’t need them. I was impressed by his professionalism, his calmness. He explained everything clearly and in layman’s language… I would say to anyone considering treatment: just do it. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s painless and it works.”

Martin Power
Refractive Cataract Surgery with multifocal toric lenses

“I can’t speak highly enough of (Prof Muhtaseb). Nothing was too much trouble, you could phone anytime, day or night. I wish I had done it when I first started wearing reading glasses and just gone to Prof Muhtaseb then and got it done. I would do it all over again, but do it much faster.”

Ann Edworthy
Refractive Cataract Surgery & Piggyback Lenses

“I would definitely recommend the professor. I think his approach is perfect! If you have any anxieties at all – just check with someone who’s had the procedure done. I had no pain at all. I expected a little bit of discomfort – but no pain, that was good. It’s life-enhancing and that’s not something you can put clearly enough. I didn’t realise how green the trees were! It’s lovely!”

Sue Sargeant
Cataract Surgery with a Duet multifocal lens

Enjoy a life free from cataracts, glasses and contact lenses in three easy steps

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