Prof Muhtaseb was the first surgeon in Wales to perform DSEK or Descemet’s Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty
(as seen on BBC’s Wales Today programme)

This challenging operation is replacing tradition corneal graft surgery for patients whose vision is degraded by an abnormality of the inner layer of the cornea (the endothelium). The modern DSEK operation offers faster visual recovery, less change in spectacle prescription, usually no stitches holding the graft in place, fewer visits to the hospital post-operatively, and higher levels of patient satisfaction than conventional full-thickness corneal graft surgery.

Prof Muhtaseb was the first surgeon in Wales to perform this operation. The success he has had prompted interest from the BBC, resulting in the news item broadcast on Tuesday 14th October 2008.

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking (CXL, C3R)

The first surgeon to perform CXL in Wales

CXL is the only treatment for keratoconus that addresses the underlying weakness in corneal structure. Since the initial paper introducing the procedure was published in 2003, an increasing number of surgeons have started to offer the treatment and Prof Muhtaseb was the first to perform CXL in Wales. This treatment took place in May 2008 and several further treatments have been performed since that time.
Prof Muhtaseb delivered a lecture on cross-linking to opticians in the Swansea area in the early days of this treatment’s availability, and has written an article for Optometry Today in order to raise awareness amongst opticians that CXL may help to arrest keratoconus. It is hoped that opticians will be able to more confidently discuss this treatment with their patients before more advanced disease progression occurs.

Intacs SK

The first to use Intacs SK in the NHS

Intacs corneal rings are used in the treatments of keratoconus (see the link on the left). Intacs SK are used for Severe Keratoconus. The rings have a smaller radius of curvature and a different cross-sectional shape compared to regular Intacs rings. It was known that patients with severe keratoconus responded poorly to regular Intacs and often required corneal transplant surgery to improve their vision.

When Intacs SK rings were introduced to the UK in early 2007, Prof Muhtaseb was the first to implant them for NHS patients in Wales. The effects have been very promising, with some very encouraging outcomes in advanced cases. He currently has a large series of treated patients and has published the results in a highly reputed peer-reviewed journal. He has presented the results at international conferences and is invited to speak to audiences as a recognised expert in this field.

Implantable Collamer Lens

Prof Muhtaseb performed one of the early STAAR ICL phakic intraocular lens implants in Wales. He remains one of only a few surgeons in the UK performing this operation for large refractive errors.

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